Depotting your lipsticks – don’t let them go to waste

So you get to the end of your lipstick, and decide to throw it away and purchase a new one.  Do you know how much more lipstick is actually left at the bottom which goes to complete waste?   A hell of a lot!  So this is what I do.

I purchase these little pots online which are super duper cheap, about 50 pence per pot.  I then scrape out with a small spatula or anything you have around the house, sometimes I even use the end of a makeup brush.  Scoop out all the lipstick from the bottom of the lipstick and store it in these little pots! Simple! You can use the stored lipstick with a lip brush and will last you ages.  I either keep them for personal use or put them in my kit to use on clients.




What do you do when you get to the end of you lipsticks? Do you just throw them away or do you try to get as much out of the bottom like me as you can? I’ll see you soon. X.O.


How I clean my Makeup Brushes

How often do you clean your makeup brushes?  Every day, every week, once a month?   Sometimes we don’t find the time to clean our brushes but it is extremely important to do this on a weekly basis.  Not only for hygiene reasons but also to preserve the lifetime of your brushes.  Some of mine have been in my kit for 10 years and this is down to the way I take care of them.

I know it can be time consuming to clean your brushes, especially if you have a lot like me, but it is important and I wanted to share my routine with you.  You will need:

  • Kitchen Tissue Roll
  • Baby Oil
  • Shampoo
  • Small/Medium Sized Bowl.

So firstly, I take two sheets of kitchen roll, lay one on top of the other and then folder this into quarters.  I then soak the kitchen roll ‘pad’ that I have just made, with baby oil and let it sink in a little.  Next, I take my first brush and swirl it around on the baby oil which helps break down the makeup from the brush.  You will see how much makeup comes off from just doing this step!  This stage is really important as the majority of the makeup will come off onto the pad, which will save time later on.  So do this with all your brushes and keep changing the kitchen roll as each one gets soaked up with makeup.

I usually do this step in the bathroom sink.  First, you want to fill a small bowl full of warm water.   I then squirt a little shampoo into the palm of my hand and swirl the brush around and around trying to get all the makeup off.  I then dip the brush into the bowl and  rub it against the side to help clean each and every hair as well removing the shampoo residue.  With really dirty brushes, you may need to repeat this step.  As the water gets murky, refill it with fresh warm water as you go.

Once all the brushes are done, I lay out each brush on a towel on my dressing table to help let them dry naturally.  Do not use any artificial heat as this will damage the brush hairs as well as the brush handles.

So that is it, it’s really simple yet effective and your brushes feel and smell gorgeous after.  How do you clean your brushes?  I’ll see you soon. X.O.

August Favourites

So here is my first ‘Favourites’ post and I am really excited to share with you what I am loving this month.  I love trying new makeup and beauty products, but never do I just buy anything and everything without researching it, reading reviews, analysing the ingredients as well as establishing what exactly it’s going to do for me and will I really benefit from this product?  Let’s get started.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

giorgio armani
I have been going through a phase of changing my foundation over the last 2-3 months.  I have always been a huge MAC girl and have used their foundation for the last 5-6 years.  But recently, I have found the foundation just hasn’t been sitting right on my skin, which can happen as our skin changes over time and products we can’t live without suddenly become products we certainly can live without.  So, as I do, I started to research foundations and I came across the Giorgio Luminous Silk Foundation,  I watched some reviews on YouTube and read a ton of reviews on Google, before I decided to go ahead and purchase it.  I cannot tell you how happy I am with this foundation.  It’s one of the easiest foundations to apply and just sinks into my skin when I apply it.  Even after a 9 hour day, when I come home from work, this foundation looks exactly how it was applied when I put it on in the morning, bar a little shine which does not bother me as this just looks healthy.  When you hear ‘luminous’, you may think, shiny, shimmer etc, but this foundation give you an incredible yet subtle glow which looks completely natural and makes your foundation look like skin.  This is a clear winner and now part of my daily makeup routine.  It is a little pricey but, in my eyes, completely worth it.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – Custard

nars concealer
One thing I cannot be without is concealer.  Concealer not only brightens the under eye area, but conceals blemishes which foundation may not completely do.  I have been using a mac concealer, and again have just not been happy with it over the last few months.  I know a lot of people suffer from the creasing effect under the eye, which is the one thing I have never been able to figure out and don’t think I ever will.  I am not sure why it has taken me so long to purchase this concealer, but I can see myself using this for a very long time.  I only have very slight creasing by the end of the day (as long as you powder) and looks as fresh as it did when first put on in the morning.  Big thumbs up from me.  I apply this with my fingers rather than a brush as I feel it gives a more natural finish.

Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade

This product is fabulous.  I am really fussy about my eyebrows and this product really allows you to shape and fill in your brows without looking cakey.  This stuff won’t budge all day long come rain or shine.  I actually now use this product to help me tweeze my eyebrows into the perfect arched shape, and will do a separate post on this with step by step instructions.

MAC Lipstick – Kinda Sexy

kinda sexy - mac
I am completely and utterly in love with this colour and it will definitely be joining my top favourite MAC lipsticks.  It is a nude coral colour which is great for my skin tone.  It’s a matte lipstick so can be a little drying, so its worth adding a little vaseline or lip gloss on top to avoid the dry flaky look.  I am currently using this every day and am completely addicted to it.

The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer AKA “The Bronzing Bandit”

thebalm bronzer

I am not usually a fan of shimmer bronzer, but having seen this on YouTube, I loved the way it really gives you a sun kissed glow without you looking too shimmered out.  I recommend this product, it’s incredible.  Sometimes, if I want a more dramatic look, I layer this on top of the Chanel Soleil Tan De Soleil and they both really compliment each other.

Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder – Candlelight 

kevin aucoin

I am really big on highlighter and the Kevin Aucoin Celestial Powder has been on my wish list for some time now.  I love building up highlight for an evening out but I still like to apply a subtle hint during the day as I am totally against matte, flat makeup and love skin that looks natural and glowing.  This highlight is stunning, it isn’t overly pigmented yet provides the perfect highlight without looking too powdery or shimmery.  I feel like I am not even wearing any highlighter and my skin is producing the natural highlight all by itself : )

Chanel Soleil Tan De Soleil

chanel tan

OK, where have I been and what have I been doing without this bronzer?  I am a huge bronzer girl and have tried all sorts under the sun.  I can honestly say I have found the perfect bronzer which I see joining my staple all time favourites.  I love cream products as they always give you a more natural look.  This is so easy to apply, almost velvet like, has no shimmer whatsoever and is the perfect shade of brown, with not hints of orange at all.  Some bronzers look ‘dirty’ but this instantly perks up your skin as if you have just come back from a day at the beach! Perfect! And it smells so fresh and gorgeous. Totally addicted!

So those are my August favourites, but to be honest can see most of them becoming firm beauty favourites of mine.  Are you loving any of the products I have mentioned?  Don’t forget to subscribe if you like what you read.  I’ll see you soon. X.O.

Dr Nick Lowe Sebum Control Cleanser

I am always searching for the perfect face cleanser and I think I have found the one..finally! It’s like finding the perfect man, nearly impossible ; )

As I am the kind of girl who does wear makeup every day, as much as I like to wear it, I also cannot wait to take it off when I get home from work.  There is nothing like the feeling of freshly cleansed skin after a hard day at work and this cleanser certainly gives you that feeling.

dr nick lowe

Dr Nick Lowe Sebum Control Cleanser is dermatologically tested and alcohol free.  It allows you to deeply cleanse your pores without stripping your skin of vital moisture.  This is key, especially with sensitive and acne prone skin, just like mine.

Dr Nick Lowe has a range of amazing skin care products which have been tested over 30 years to treat many skin issues.  One being acne, blemish prone skin which is what this cleanser is specifically made for.

There are a lot of cleansers out there made specifically for acne prone skin, but I find them too drying and too harsh which defeats the purpose of using a specialist skin care product.  After researching Dr Nick Lowe’s products, I was extremely excited but at the same time a little dubious, given I have tried so many skin care products I just haven’t been happy with.  But, for the first time ever, I absolutely love cleansing my skin and removing my makeup.  It completely removes all traces of makeup which I have found difficult with other products.  My skin feels so clean, fresh, smooth and not dry at all.  I cannot explain how amazing this cleanser is and how perfect my skin feels after.

There have been times when I have used cleansers before using this cleanser and my skin just hasn’t felt 100% clean but, with Dr Nick Lowe’s Sebum Control Cleanser, I honestly can say it does.  I have also noticed my break outs have significantly reduced since using this product.  Happy days!

Have you tried the Dr Nick Lowe Sebum Control Cleanser and what do you think of it? Or are there any other acne prone skin care products you cannot live without? I’ll see you soon. X.O

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks

Which girl doesn’t have MAC lipsticks in her collection? I for one have about 70 odd and always seem to manage to find more shades that I want to purchase.  But I do have my firm favourites which are staples in my collection and I find myself always going back to these 5 shades.

1. Spirit
This was the first lipstick I purchased from MAC all those years ago and have always re-purchased it.  It’s my go to lipstick which suits my skin tone, suits any outfit whether its day or night and I also use this as a base/primer when I am mixing lipsticks (something I love to do). It helps cancel out the natural colour of my lips so I can add a really vibrant colour on top. It’s a brown with a hint of pink and is a satin finish so isn’t drying either, and the colour pay off is spot on.


2. Faux
A gorgeous pink nude, again in a satin finish which is perfect for day time wear or for the evening this goes really well with a smokey eye.


3. Pink Nouveau
I love this colour.  Its a bright bubble gum pink and really compliments my skin tone.  When I feel like my complexion is looking a little dull or I just fancy some colour, this is the colour I always go to.  It really brightens your look and is the cutest pink ever.

pink nouveau

4. Modesty
I find modesty is the perfect perfect nude.  I like to layer this on top of Spirit or Faux, as it’s very creamy and can make those two lipsticks look a little more natural.


5. Ravishing
This is a stunning in between spring summer shade.  It’s an adorable tangerine coral colour which will suit any skin tone.  It’s so pretty and light and again, goes with any outfit or makeup look. Add a flush of peach blusher and you will look radiant and glowing.


So my top 5 MAC lipsticks are a collection of shades which are easy to wear on a day to day basis as well as in the evening on a night out.  What are your favourite MAC Lipsticks and are you as addicted as me?  I’ll see you soon. X.O.

My Favourite Makeup Brushes and Why

We all know, to achieve a flawless makeup look you need good quality makeup brushes.  However, this doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy the most expensive brushes out there, as they aren’t necessarily the best.  Also, good quality brushes can have more than one use.  For instance, sometimes I use a particular eyeshadow brush to help me contour and/or highlight. It’s all about experimenting and what works for you and the look you are trying to achieve.

image-30 copy 2







So let’s start!

Foundation Brushes

Beauty Blender – ok, this isn’t a brush but it is the best invention ever and I hardly ever use anything else to apply my foundation. You will not get a more flawless look than with the beauty blender.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – so this is a brush and is the best brush I have ever used to apply foundation.  It will never leave a streaky finish which I find a lot of foundation brushes do, which is really annoying as you have to to go back in and try and smooth out the streaks with either your fingers or another brush.  Way too much hassle for me! You will not get this problem with the Face Expert Brush and is not expensive at all!

Over the years, I have collected and used a number of foundation brushes but these are the only two I ever use now.

Powder/Blush Brushes

Mac 129 Brush – I use this brush to apply blusher or sometimes face powder.  It just depends on the phase I am going through.  For either purpose, this brush has been a firm favourite for nearly 10 years and is still going strong.

MAC 182 Kabuki Brush – I love this brush, I use this to apply blusher, or bronzer.  Again perfect application of the right amount of product is achieved with this brush.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush – this is one of the softest brushes I own and like to use this for all over setting powder.  It deposits the right amount of powder to your face which avoid the cakey look.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Mac 224 Fluffy Brush – I use this brush for literally so many different things.  I use it to apply eyeshadow, highlighter, contouring (when I want to achieve a very defined contour) under eye setting powder…what else? I could not live without this brush and if I was stranded on a desert island with only one makeup brush, this would be the one!

MAC 219 Pencil Brush – This is great for smoking out eyeliner, or adding highlight to the inner corner of your eyes.  So soft and is the perfect size for both these purposes.

Makeup Forever Angled Brush [product number has rubbed off] – Amazing for winged eyeliner, but I used this religiously to fill in my eyebrows.  It’s so soft which ensures I don’t fill in my eyebrows too harshly and are just the perfect natural shape.

So out of my 50 or so makeup brushes, which I love, these are my firm favourites which are staple brushes in my collection.

I do have one more brush, which I invested in recently and I love it.  I searched everywhere for it as I believe it is sold out or discontinued.  It is the Nars Contour Brush.  I cannot explain how perfect your contour comes out by using this brush and it’s the easiest brush to use for contouring! It deposits the right amount of product in the right place and can be achieved in literally seconds.  I am so glad I came across this little beauty wonder, as I know it will be in my favourites collection for life.

So out of my 50 or so makeup brushes, which I love, these are my firm favourites which are staple brushes in my collection.

What are your favourite brushes and do some of your brushes have multi-purpose uses like mine? I’ll see you soon. X.O.


Kim Kardashian’s Glowing Golden Makeup


Kim Kardashian Takes Baby North West Out In NYC kim 2

So I am not a massive fan of Kim Kardashian herself, but I am a little obsessed with her makeup, I mean come on, which girly girl isn’t right?  Have you noticed how much softer Kim Kardashian’s day to day make up is recently? She has great features and looks like such a yummy mummy with the new makeup looks she is sporting these days.  So much so, she had inspired me to wear less too.  Don’t get me wrong, she still wears a full face of makeup but it’s much lighter and fresher and she certainly seems to have ditched the smokey eyes during the day! Yay!  It’s all about the fresh face with golden and bronzed tones.. I am in love with these looks.. Some of the products she has been using are:

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation  – one of her all time favs and gives a completely flawless look.  She mixes a couple of different shades to get the perfect tone for her complexion. Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation is also another favourite of hers but is a bit more pricey but worth it if you fancy a splurge and photographs really well. I’ve tried it and it goes on extremely well and doesn’t budge.  Of course, I only save this for nights out as it’s one of my luxury products.  Tom Ford Eye Shadow Palette in Cognac Sable is what she likes to use on her eyes to achieve that golden/bronze glow.  Again another splurge, but consists of gorgeous soft gold and bronze shades. A little goes a long way, trust me! To achieve the all over bronzed I’ve just got back from the beach look, Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel is something you cannot go wrong with! It’s so creamy and goes on naturally with no harsh orange tones, an excellent investment and I use this bronzer every day!








In terms of mascara, Kim has ditched the full on lashes and now opts for a few individual lashes followed by a coat of mascara.  She likes to use her own brand mascara.  I personally haven’t tried it but suggest Benefit’s, They’re Real which is my all time favourite mascara and cannot live without it.  It really opens up your eyes without looking too full on and the best thing.. no falsies needed!








Kim is known for her love of MAC’s lipstick in the shade Angel, however she is also known to like the nude shades from the Charlotte Tilsbury range which are creamy and very natural looking.

So, that is how to achieve her current soft and golden look.  I know some of the products are a little on the expensive side but I can vouch for them, totally worth it!

What do you think?  Do you have any makeup products that give you an amazing glow without looking over the top? I would love to hear about them.  I’ll see you soon. X.O.